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Angular5 Tutorials – What Is AngularJS

Angular 5 – AngularJS is one of the structural framework to design reactive web application. It’s extend HTML Tag with Angular Attributes

AngularJS is JavaScript framework, it allows to create reactive application with help of CLI. (CLI) command Line interface is a toolkit .It will create, Manage and Build the Angular Application

Any Angular 5 Application have only one html page and huge number of JS files. Because of the reason user don’t have left experience while using the AngularJS Application

The Browser will rendering the DOM on each response

What is Component ?

Components are basic building block of an Angular 5 application ,each and every component must be belongs to @node module in order to access  for another component in Application

Every component have name it is captured by selector key .with help of this name you will rendering the template URL of that component  in app.component.html file

An Angular app having bunch of Angular components .And each and every component name should be unique