Category: C# Sharp

This section provides detailed information on key C# language features and features accessible to C# through the .NET Framework.

C# Sharp is one of the language of .NET language it was generic, object oriented, platform independence, and language independence

Platform dependency Means if any application is targeting on particular Operating System that application will run only in that particular operating system.

CLR:- it is the execution engine of for all .net language  it’s provides security, automatic memory management ,probability , exception handling  and JIT compiler

JIT compiler: – JIT [just in time] compiler convert CLR code into exe code to run on machine adopting this process at program execution time

Garbage collector: – [automatic memory management]:- it will reclaim the memory of unused objects on run time of the .net application

  • Implemented few console ,windows Forms Application using C#Collections ,C#linq and  opps Concepts
  • you can Find Huge Amount C# Application Here Have Look on These Things